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What is a moggie

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plural moggies. Can you explain the derivation of this?

Log In. They make ideal pets for families as they are with a person living on their own … they are all whta unique! Possibly derived from maggiemargie or mogall short forms of the female name Margaret. A moggy is a mixed cat; a mutt, like 97% of the cats in the world are.

UK the moorhen. Alternatively, in Wigan, moggy traditionally applied to mice, not cats, and a cat was hence a moggy catcher, which may have been abbreviated to moggy. Affectionate term of a Morris motor vehicle.

Particularly applied to Morris Minor saloons (Moggie Minors), Morris Travellers what is a moggie to in the US as Woodies) - (​. Eric Partridge, in his Dictionary of Historical Slang implies that the cat sense may be Cockney rhyming slang, but I can find no evidence for that origin. Some breeds are predisposed to certain personality traits but moggies have no such blueprint, through their random breeding they do not have a definite appearance or temperament.

The latter often refers to a feline of undistinguished type and manners, the cat equivalent of a mongrel dog, but in general usage the former is just a pet name for any domesticated cat. scunthorpe dating

Moggie cat

Original sense, early 19th century, is dime urban dictionary term of affection for a calf or cow, which may have been transfered to cats under urbanization. a wiz cummin doon aff the ekto so a batterd a few moggies n it took the edge rite aff it. variants: or less commonly moggie. English Wiktionary. This is a cat of no particular breed and has descended from the Afican Wildcat having diverged around 8, BC and found in almost every place where humans live.

How to use moggy in a sentence.

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They have independent personalities and come in a variety of coat and colour. All rights reserved. Moggy definition is - cat. A Though I have to tell you that Are You Being Served has hardly been shown on British televisions for the better part of twenty years, that word is still common, often spelled moggie and sometimes shortened to mog.

It was only in whag twentieth century that it mature indian women what is a moggie pet name for a cat. created 17 Jul.

Cat breeds

A moggy is definitely the kind of low-maintenance cat who enjoy people and will happily follow their owners around the house. In the nineteenth century it could refer to an untidily dressed woman or slattern.

Select your currency from the list and click Donate. It seems to be from Maggie, the affectionate short form of Margaret.

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In the eighteenth century, this was applied as mooggie name for a cow or calf. How or why the sense shifted in this way is not understood. mog·​gy | \ ˈmä-gē \. need to log in.