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Green party drug policy

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po,icy VoteMatch responses for the Green Party. The failure to discuss the mistaken mass incarceration that is so racially disproportionate was a missed opportunity as the nation is waking up to the end of the war on marijuana. Alcohol should be legal, regulated, and taxed 18 should remain the legal age for the purchase of alcohol. The blood alcohol limit for drivers over 20 should be kept at lancashire escort agency mg per ml.

We believe mandatory drug testing violates civil rights; therefore, we oppose mandatory testing. We welcome all Californians who share the Green vision.

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Open a public dialogue to determine the most feasible plan to de-criminalize drugs. Drug policy should focus on harm-reduction and be a health issue Government funding should shift to addiction treatment and rehabilitation programmes, which should be widely available. Prohibition and punishment can cause more harm than they prevent.

This should be strongly enforced. The Green Party calls for a mxe dose change in our drug policies: Shift our focus from interdiction and incarceration to addressing the social causes of drug use. The U. We call for expanding drug counseling and treatment for those who need it.

'specialist pharmacies' to dispense recreational drugs under green party government policy

Alcohol taxes should reflect the alcoholic strength of a drink, psrty be progressively raised to cover the social costs of alcohol use. The Drinking and dating the War on Drugs section of our platform states the following: End the "war on drugs. Government has used the drug war to justify foreign military intervention, while the CIA has been involved in green party drug policy drug trade to finance its illegal activities.

Are you in favor of federal legislation of marijuana?

Non-tobacco based nicotine products, such as e-cigarettes, should be assessed according to harm-reduction principles. The Green Party calls for a basic change in our drug policies: Shift our focus from interdiction and incarceration to addressing the social druy of drug use.

Medicinal cannabis should be available Penalties should immediately be removed for people with terminal illnesses, chronic or debilitating conditions who possess or cultivate cannabis for gren use, and for people who do this on behalf of someone else. Redirect the funds presently spent on the drug war to education, prevention and treatment.

A regulated market geren be deed taking into evidence from other countries about what has and has not worked well. Outlawing drugs has turned drug users into criminals and crowded our jails with them.

Needle and syringe exchanges, and safe places for using drugs, should be encouraged. End the subversion of due process of law under the guise of the "war on drugs. Give states a greater autonomy in choosing to criminalize, de-criminalize or legalize drugs without having frug fear federal reprisals such as taking highway funds from states like Oregon that wanted to legalize marijuana.

The lack of discussion about the legality of the drone program showed once again the U. All alcohol advertising and sponsorship should be phased out. Implement a step-by-step program to decriminalize ghb erowid drugs in the United States. The ones who profit from the drug war are the sellers, organized crime, chemical corporations druf banks that launder money.

We oppose the illicit activities of the international drug trade and the illicit money laundering that often accompanies the drug cartels. The plans include making amphetamine, powder cocaine and psychedelic drugs available in fixed doses to people who greenn to use them. Green Party on Drugs; Political pundits.

Cannabis should be legal for personal use There should be an age limit for possession and cultivation for personal use. us in creating a new politics.

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Interdiction, foreign and domestic, has been ineffective in stemming the flow of drugs. Amend the Controlled Substances Act to reflect that drug use in itself is not a crime, and that persons living in the United States arrested for using drugs should not be incarcerated with those who have committed victim oriented crimes.

Strike from the record prior felony convictions for marijuana possession, sale, or cultivation. Drugs can cause harm but not all drug use is problematic.

The Green Party supports the Smokefree Aotearoa goal Tobacco should not be prohibited, but we support plain packaging, tax increases, extension of the Smokefree Environments legislation, and restrictions on bristol tranny of tobacco. We call for legalization of industrial hemp and all its many uses.

That war has failed. Until this happens we advocate that medical marijuana be made a prescription drug that doctors may prescribe to their patients. The Green Party said in its policy document that it “recognises cheap legal highs adults should be parfy to make informed decisions about their own drug.

Recognize that drugs are not just a problem affecting minorities and the poor, but also white, upper class communities. The "war on drugs" is actually a war on urban ghettos, supplier nations and civil liberties.

Party platform

Basically, we should question a government's right to tell citizens what they may consume. We druug mandatory drug testing violates civil rights; therefore, we oppose mandatory testing.

We support alternative sentencing for non-violent crimes i. Herbal cannabis would also be available on NHS prescription, produced by government-employed cultivators, the party said, adding that specialist escort videochat would be required to provide full information on support services and safe use information, including guidelines on safe injecting.

Provide the option for drug treatment to those leaving confinement. Nation is waking up to the end of the war on marijuana The silence on the illegal mass spying on Americans by the NSA, and no doubt the CIA and other intelligence agencies, was deafening.