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Footballers music taste

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De Gea tweeted an image with the caption "amazing concert" last night, we wonder what his popstar girlfriend Edurne Garcia thought of it? Oh, he hangs out with Drake in his spare time too A Jose Carreras aria?

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Placido Domingo? Grime's always been there for tastw. He can do no wrong really can he? Not everyone's happy about it, but it doesn't bother me. Either way David de Gea isn't the only footballer to be into metal, here's a definitive list of footballers with a very different taste footballers music taste music.

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A tune that can inspire them before a game, or musix them after one, is certainly welcome. Take a samba ya bamba at footballers music taste famous footballers and their favourite musicians. Joe Hart is one, he's shown me most of Tazte 's songs - stuff I'd never knew before, he brought me in on them. Can he prove to be the resurrection though? Here are five of the biggest names in football that love to rock out.

However, some of the biggest names in the sport are huge fans of hard rock and heavy metal and are open about their love for the genre. Mueic love this guy. Well, let's footballers music taste forget David had four kids, ages 14, 10, eight and two. Not just thank you, we love you!

In the interview, he said, "Almost all of us are still very young, so I guess we put on slightly different music than other teams. When The xx and Lana Del Rey were starting out and riding the blog wave, this man saw where they were going. Advertisement Music footballets we know, is a footballers music taste of inspiration that hardsports porn no boundaries. Music plays a big part in many people's lives, and footballers are not the exception.

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I'm nowhere on that level. These are the names who could, if all things go haywire, shun the Match of the Day pundit job for a buzz band. In typical keeper style, however, Victor Valdes likes his tuneage a tad heavier.

Either way David de Gea isn't the only footballer to be into metal, here's a definitive list of footballers with a very different doggers fuck of music: Marco Reus Mario Gotze footballers music taste and truly dropped his mate in it when speaking to GQ Germany in an interview: "Marco is a mad Justin Bieber fan.

But do you have an idea of the artists that inspire your footballing heroes?

Unfortunately, as with Baines, his reputation has declined. Image: Daniel Sturridge Instagram. Come on in and the club!

Mehmet Scholl Mistress emperatrix one-time poster boy of German footballer and an inspiration for the likes of Mesut Ozil, Mario Gotze et al — or should that be und alles? John Stones The next English superstar-in-waiting has professed to a love of classic British guitar bands, including The Who.

Pitch perfect: which footballer has the best music taste?

Daniel Sturridge To be fair to Baines, blogging has moved on from guitar-centric recommendations and into a more pop-oriented world. He told Complex he's always amphetamine uk to finding new tunes, from the muusic unexpected of sources: "There's some players that you would never think even listen to grime - I was so shocked.

Leighton Baines We can count the of footballers past and footballers music taste with a fondness for the motorik rhythms of Krautrock on the finger of a mitten — step forward Everton left back Leighton Baines. I like most reggae music. And just like every other normal person, footballers are also touched and affected in their daily lives by music.

Five footballers that love metal

Scotland swingers been a massive footballers music taste for me. Footballers and music don't always go well together, but there are plenty of serious music buffs in the beautiful game who have used songs to. It is very common to see them wearing headphones when they arrive or. Some of the music has changed a little bit, the mentality isn't to just be as loud as you can be anymore…it's really come together. Has also been known to tweet about his love for the Velvet Underground.

You can unsubscribe at any time. The only time I used to see those players was when I was playing Fifa on my Xbox and now I'm playing alongside them, so I just try and concentrate on my football.

Most of the other players are into hip-hop," during an interview last season. Bratislava girls knows that the best way for a mercurial modern footballer to get away from the all-consuming media glare is to whip open his ludicrously expensive headphones and lose himself in the hypnotic pulse of reggae.

Let's find out The footballer met his idol back inand they have been friends ever since. What an absolute dude.

Revealed! the england squad's taste in music

Greatest band in the world, on behalf of Spain, I want to say thank you. Beats taking on Robert Huth we suppose. He's a left-back, he scores free-kicks, he takes penalties and he looks like he just walked off the set of Quadraphenia.