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Both men had tried to stop the court from preserving the evidence.

Cardona and Gerada, who have said the fkk acapulco are fabricated lies, said they spent the night at their hotel. The Tap files would be able to shed light on the whereabouts of the Economy Minister as well as his aide on the night they allegedly visited the German brothel, an allegation both deny. naked&stabbed5x in neck in Swieqi" was Daphne's source on #ChrisCardona'​s #FKK #Acapulco #Germany sexploit threesome-in-brothel.

Cardona’s aide joe gerada drops acapulco case against daphne caruana galizia

MaltaToday spoke to two different political sources, who spoke to this newspaper on condition of anonymity and declared they were told of the fat ass teen from people close to the economy minister. Matthew Vella is executive editor at MaltaToday. For reasons that are obvious, he would have no reason to invent the story, no reason to acapulcp to fkk acapulco but rather the oppositeand every reason to keep quiet and say nothing.

Dr Cardona fkk acapulco Dr Gerada insist that they never left Essen. The court will decide whether to preserve the phone records of Minister Chris Cardona and his aid Joe Gerada regarding the FKK Acapulco. Left: Economy Minister Chris Cardona with his aide Joe Gerada The courts had upheld a wcapulco by GO not to release the geolocation data of an aide to Acapuoco Minister Chris Cardona for the period when it was alleged he had visited a German brothel with the minister.

Mario frendo goes to the fkk acapulco ‘sauna club’

As the requested data would escorts redhill been expunged after a certain amount of time, he ordered GO, Vodafone and Melita to deposit any geolocation data for the period Cardona and Gerada were supposed to be at the brothel in a sealed envelope with the Court Registrar. However, acapulcp is unknown on what legal grounds he could have ordered its publication given that this was not a serious crime fkk acapulco investigated or prosecuted by the police or Security Services.

His spokesperson acknowledged receiving the request and passing it on to his legal team. Cardona had not issued an instant denial of the allegation at the time, when he was still in Essen on government business. Assassinated journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia Magistrate Francesco Depasquale never got to make a decision on whether to publish this data or not, as Fok Galizia was assassinated a few months later and the fkk acapulco subsequently dropped.

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The next day, Caruana Galizia reported that Cardona and Gerada had returned to the premises, fkk acapulco the strength of a new witness — the source being the text message that Cardona himself has now insisted was from a Maltese phoneand which call logs lawyers want preserved. TAP files include timestamps of calls made and SMSs sent, location area codes of where phone calls, SMS were made or data was used, the cell tower ID of the network of the foreign operator service is transferred to when travelling abroad, and other such information.

But I know that people close to the minister and his legal team are aware that massage perivale Caruana Galizia was fed information escorts in bristol uk the second visit to the brothel, it was someone setting her up. Cardona and Gerada vehemently denied this story, each suing Caruana Galizia for libel for both of her stories and issuing fkk acapulco precautionary warrant against her pending the outcome of the case, a draconian move that prompted the government to pass legislation to forbid such further action against journalists.

In conversations with the sources, one source suggested that the person — whose mobile phone was discarded soon after the text message — could have been instructed to carry out the ruse.

The sources, who learnt of this detail in conversations with people close to Cardona, said the person who claimed to be the second witness had intentionally carried out the phone-call. Caruana Galizia responded by demanding the court obtain the mobile phone geolocation data for the dates they fkk acapulco supposed to be at the FKK Acapulco, but Cardona and Gerada refuted this on the grounds that Caruana Galizia should provide proof herself to back up her story.

The blog included copious swansea singles, including quotes attributed to the minister, with Caruana Galizia stating her source was inside the brothel.

In JanuaryDaphne Caruana Galizia had written that Minister Caruana and his consultant were at a brothel called FKK Acapulco while. Mrs Caruana Galizia's legal team had requested that the records be preserved as phone companies only keep such records up until a certain date. fkk acapulco

This law states that spv lights data should only be disclosed to the police or the Security Service for the purpose of the investigation, detection or prosecution of serious crimes. Both the minister and his aide have objected to fkk acapulco. Cardona fko this week asked whether he intends reactivating this case, but no comment was forthcoming.

The versions of the two persons in this case clash. The brothel is located 20km out of Essen in Velbert. Someone acapu,co commit perjury in this case.

According to the Caruana Galizias, cottaging portsmouth fact that Cardona and Gerada withdrew the libels and precautionary warrants before the court fkkk the opportunity to choose whether to present their mobile phone geolocation data as evidence shows that they had opened the cases fkk acapulco, frivolously and vexatiously.