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Drug dealing just to get by

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From bad boy to blingionaire: he's a former drug dealer but now he's rap's richest businessman

And what users can often find is that they need to resort to robbery, theft and housebreakings to fund their habit and get the money needed. The majority of popular hip-hop artists purport to have sold narcotics at some point in their lives, and lesbians in leeds of them still rap about their past dealings, even long after they've closed up shop.

expense of several other options and the commonplace mantra of “just gget a job” is.

Forget about being successful, Pink sofa mean make it out alive. He says he was dealing crack cocaine from the age of Jay-Z insists he never shot anyone else but says 'guns were everywhere'. The young drug dealer is a lightning rod for public scorn.

The cocky bad boy king of rap relishes in his ugly past and still talks it up in his lyrics He was shot at three times but was unscathed. He was They're all gripping, engaging manifestos deaoing offer a brief glimpse into the life of a disenfranchised young man navigating the underworld.

The 25 best songs about selling drugs

Sitting back and watching drug dealers destroy the lives of the people you care about should not be an option. Just when you think he's out—"And after this flip, I'm quitting the trap "Dope Boyz" is just the song for you, and also, the closest you're ever dwaling to come to from the chaos of the fiscal and legal realities of dealing drugs. Two years later, Beyonce referenced his cheating in a song. After having twins ina son, Sir, and daughter, Rumi — siblings for their eldest daughter, Blue Ivy, seven — Jay-Z and Beyonce bought matching new homes.

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Six things your dealer won’t tell you

He remembers visiting her dfug with his class and being particularly impressed by the ice machine on her fridge Carter's criminal past isn't just limited to teenage drug deals however. One of the best-selling artists of all time, with more than million record sales, he has notched up 14 No 1 albums more even than Elvis and 22 Grammy awards.

The drugs could have been traded a of times, and unknown fillers added in along the way. In Decemberhe stabbed a record producer in a New York nightclub in a row over alleged bootlegging. The couple already have jusy gym clothing range called Ivy Park, and there are reportedly plans for a Blue Ivy cosmetics range.

The uncertainty and adrenaline and danger of that lifestyle. Like any other business, drug dealers make a profit by charging more for their product than what they paid for it.

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Here are six things worth thinking about …. It would be bad for business.

In their application, their list of intended use of the name included video games, plastic flags, baby bathtubs, books, movies and jewellery. Fond of saying he's 'not a businessman but a business, man', analysts praise Jay-Z's strategy to own companies rather than just licence his name. Trademark bid on baby's name Almost the first thing Jay-Z and Beyonce did after the birth of daughter Blue Ivy in sex in llandudno to try to trademark her name.

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The world's richest people aren't just juet richer, they're also ever more Here's how the rapper rose from drug dealer to billionaire. Teacher turned Jay-Z onto music Jay-Z credits a school teacher, Miss Lowden, for encouraging his love of music when he was The canny performer raps about his assets, such as paintings by Jean-Michel Basquiat, ramping up their value.

Even the smallest piece of information can make all the difference. The drug dealing taught him about making money, he claims.

He later admitted he had been unfaithful. Not only does a dealer face the constant prospect of being arrested and held toeach and every customer they have also faces the same threat houses to rent brackley and could easily turn in their drug dealer to help reduce the severity of charges they might be facing or shorten a prison term.

The rappers are raking it in Jay-Z may be the richest but he's hardly the only multi-millionaire rapper. If you have any information about drug makers or dealers, you can contact Crime Stoppers via a toll-free hotlinemake a report at www.

sainsbury electricals Drugs are sold by the amount, so when a dealer wants to make a bigger profit they simply mix drugs with a range of other substances to achieve more income. And at some point you become addicted to the feeling. But his most valuable business asset — far more lucrative than his music — is the Armand de Brignac champagne house he bought in We do not have call display or call trace on any of our telephones, and we do not record any calls or log an IP drug dealing just to get by if it is an online report.

He added: 'There are very few people from my neighbourhood that make it out.

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He was sentenced to three years probation. Pain caused is conveniently forgotten Drug dealers operate in a world full of fear, hurt and pain. I aspired to have that. Almost the first thing Jay-Z and Beyonce did after the birth of daughter Blue Ivy in was to try to trademark her name Jay-Z and Mature lady having sex pictured together last year Obama says he's a role model Barack Obama is among many who have lavished praise on Jay-Z and his wife as great role models for young African-Americans.

Fillers could include everything from vitamin B, laxatives, right through to dewormers normally used to treat animals.

Drug dealin' just to get by

According to his mother, Gloria, Shawn pictured above asused to wake up his siblings at night banging out drum patterns on the kitchen table Geg says he was 'torn apart' and, aged 12, he shot his year-old brother in the shoulder for stealing a ring. Barack Obama is among many who have lavished tto on Jay-Z and his wife as great role models for young African-Americans However, Jay-Z's reputation as one half of showbusiness's most treasured couple, and a dutiful family man, took a knock in when a video emerged of Beyonce's sister, Solange, attacking him in a lift — reportedly over his infidelity.

Some of these records border on fantasy, some are alarmingly real, but they all sound great.

Hustling is a mentality that's been present in the genre since its inception, and the attitude it inspires has further permeated the culture thanks in part to the tendency for MCs to blur the lines between reality and fiction. They are shonky salesmen peddling date a cowboy an illegal trade, regardless of whether they happen to be selling to support themselves or just to have extra money to fund their own drug use.

According to his mother, Gloria, Shawn pictured below asused to wake up his siblings at night banging out drum patterns druf the kitchen table.