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Dime urban dictionary

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Think she'd say yes if I asked her on a date. Appended to an opinion about a purchase decision synonym: whatever you do with your money is fine by me 3.

Dammnn look at dime piece right there! They act appropriately in public and are subtle, yet effective in their flirtatious advances. Back.

ifies that a decision is not up to you. A dime ho has the ability to appear a lady: rarely dresses like an outright dicyionary, instead opting for deer labels and cuts that say "I know I'm attractive, but I'm sophisticated too".

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Dropping Dimes. When receiving an unwanted telephone callthe phrase is used preemptively to remind the caller that they are paying for the call, in an attempt to have he or she reconsider the importance of placing this call. My girl is a dime piece.

by CCJ September Traditionally used as part of the larger phrase "To be nickled and dimed to death"‚Äč, referring to the undesired price of upkeep for a certain item. This means to snitch on someone or to turn them in.

She'll say yes, but you'll never leave her apartment when you go to pick her up! A dime ho is an extremely physically attractive girl, "a perfect ten", but has a slutty streak and attitude to rival the Jersey Shore girls. Loading Top definition.

ifies ownership of loose change. Back when phone calls were only a dime, people would.

An indication that one will not be paying irban anything. They are the proverbial "lady in the streets, freak in the sheets", but they opt to be a freak in several different sets of sheets in a short amount of time.

That chick is bangin'! Originated from decisions made in vehicles, where the longer idled, the more gas used, and thus the more money spent. Not ugandan men be confused with a dime b dime a ho c dimetap ho 1: "Dude, Kristy is a straight dime!

This is a combination of two ideas, the dime and the standard ho. Yall don't know bout picken' up dimes like that.