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Cb chat

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I'd definitely rate it 5 stars! Instant voice messaging just like walkie talkies. If it is not enabled you need to wait certain amount of time to be able to change your nickname. Aug 14, By Cb chat R Really like this app!

This is the most racially degrading cb chat of social environment and down right lowest form of entertainment a person could subject them selfs to. Back then, all department stores had CB radios, antennas, incall manchester supplies, for sale. I tested this app for 2 months. Chaf would help a lot and I, along with a lot of other friends would consider coming back.

Your new nickname will be set in few seconds. Supported platforms: Android 2.

Cb radio chat user site

- 9 Similar Apps, 2 Review Highlights & Reviews. No registration needed - use it instantly.

Open list of users 2. Click PRIV button.

Iphone screenshots

It brought back memories of my childhood. It would be nice if I phones could get Pro version on the app and longer talk time and the ability to have the private feature and also enforce Terms and conditions that are set forth because it seems like it's only set For some people but not others when they get banned while the ones that really need to be banned never do it feels like at times favorites are begin played and that groups of people go into the channels and just sit cb chat day in and day out and verbally harass you and then they turn around and get you banned off the application we're in all reality they should be banned off the app.

There may even be a vivastreet paris holdouts on the band with ancient CB radios. It has some similarities to the old CB band of yesteryear. The only reason I'm rating 4 stars instead of 5. If it is viooz not working available you will be notified.

Next click a button with your current nickname. You should seriously consider giving the user even 2 more seconds of talk time. CB Radio Chat is available on Apple AppStore. Make sure you have always new version of the app. They will twist your words make up there own truths and fabrications about people places and things.

Thank you! If this were to happen in an update.

Cb radio chat

You can change your nickname once a day, then once a week and finally once a month. Type in your new nickname and confirm with OK button. Since version 2.

Than I could listen to it on my bluetooth speaker at work without recourse. I do not think anybody makes them, nor antennas anymore. Much better than Zello because people actually talk on it!

Cb radio chat - for friends!

Phlegmy-coughed chatters galore here, in every language offensive and otherwise from hoods, backwoods, trailer parks around the cb chat. Select users for a private conversation and confirm with PRIV button. Have FUN! Mar 14, By A Google user Hey Plugmind, I used to use this app years ago quite a bit but switched over to Zello due to not having long enough of talk time for non payers.

Download the latest version of CB Radio Chat for Android.

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This is the foundation of hate breeding. You will be notified if someone would like to talk to you in a private channel. Check out similar apps incall escort liverpool CB Radio Chat - for friends! Now you can use CB Radio Chat on your iOS device - iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. Please note: you need to be a PRO user go cb chat able to invite to private channels.

I do not think anybody makes them anymore.

Instant voice messaging just like walkie talkies

In order to change your nickname go to app Cb chat 2. If you want to invite someone to private conversation you can do it in following way. You are in a private channel now. CB Radio Chat lets you change your nickname occasionally. Feel free old gay guys test, rate and comment. Decent people do not need cv stress or hate this app bre. At least I got a small taste of old CB.

Other than that it's a fun app! Cchat content, for lack of a better term, is far from lacking, the app itself needs work. I also feel that moderators should be in the channels to see who they need to ban off the app because people give out personal information and also slander other people and this cb chat needs a lot of work and improvements.

Please wait a while so that users you invited can .